Design: Cultural probes

  title={Design: Cultural probes},
  author={William W. Gaver and Anthony Dunne and Elena Pacenti},
A As the local site coordinator finished his introduction to the meeting, our worries were increasing. The group had taken on a glazed look, showing polite interest, but no real enthusiasm. How would they react when we presented them with our packages? Would disinterest deepen to boredom, or even hostility? Cultural Probes Homo ludens impinges on his environment: He interrupts, changes, intensifies; he follows paths and in passing, leaves traces of his presence everywhere. 

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Through a cultural probe study that was undertook, the author was able to gain new insights into approaches toward a research project regarding collaboration between artists and scientists.
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The discussion around Probes is reoriented towards how probes work: both as interpretative fodder for social scientists and as a resource for 'designers'.
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The design and outcomes of LocaLudo, a playful and card-based workshop that aims to involve families in the design of interactive architecture, found that an open and playful approach, and suggesting the possible use of technologies aided participants in this process.
Evaluation Probes
This work develops the concept of evaluation probes through careful re-conceptualization and application of the cultural probes in three successive studies conducted in the wild, and recount and reflect on their use.
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As a genre of Ubiquitous Computing, wearables inherited a paradigmatic ideal of disappearance and, until very recently, visibility was treated as a simplistic dichotomous issue of overt versus covert
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Probe to learn, probe to design
The research group has been exploring how to use the Internet to probe various design spaces, and invented a new probe to help students measure the potential value of a service business concept, which borrowed techniques from marketing.
Probing identity management: preliminary findings
The preliminary results of "cultural probes" used with professional women to identify their felt experiences of different forms of Identity Management (IM) are described and will provide a rich stimulus for the creation of various design prototypes, both physical and digital.


The Most Radical Gesture: The Situationist International in a Postmodern Age
The SI is a guide to life in the rapidly changing world of social media, where every action has an impact on the individual and society at large.
Situationists: Art, Politics, Urbanism. Museo d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
  • 1996
Situationists: Art, Politics, Urbanism. Museo d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
  • Situationists: Art, Politics, Urbanism. Museo d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
  • 1996