Design, synthesis, and biological activity evaluation of (-)-6-O-desmethylantofine analogues as potent anti-cancer agents.

  title={Design, synthesis, and biological activity evaluation of (-)-6-O-desmethylantofine analogues as potent anti-cancer agents.},
  author={Guifang Han and Lihua Qing and Meng Wu and Yu-xiang Wang and Yuxiu Liu and Xue-ling Liu and Ziwen Wang and Jian Ding and Linghua Meng and Qingmin Wang},
  journal={Bioorganic \& medicinal chemistry},
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Total Synthesis of Indolizidine Alkaloids via Nickel-Catalyzed (4 + 2) Cyclization.
A Ni-catalyzed (4 + 2) cycloaddition of alkynes and azetidinones toward piperidinones was used as key reaction in the enantioselective synthesis of naturally occurring indolizidine alkaloids. The


6-OH-Phenanthroquinolizidine Alkaloid and Its Derivatives Exert Potent Anticancer Activity by Delaying S Phase Progression.
A mechanistic evaluation showed that 2-R potently inhibited cell growth and colony formation, which is associated with a delay in S phase progression through the inhibition of DNA synthesis, which will facilitate the discovery of new Phenanthroindolizidine and phenanthroquinolIZidine alkaloids for use as anticancer drug candidates.
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Activity of Sulfonamide Analogues of Antofine and Cryptopleurine as Potent and Orally Active Antitumor Agents.
The studies suggest that the inhibition of cancer cell growth by 5b is associated with the induction of G0/G1 cell cycle arrest via nicotinamide N-methyltransferase-dependent JNK activation in Caki-1 renal cancer cells.
Novel Mode of Action of Tylophorine Analogs as Antitumor Compounds
These tylophorine analogs are a unique class of antitumor compounds that have a mode of action different from known antitumors, and had an inhibitory effect on cyclic AMP response elements, activator protein-1 sites, or nuclear factor-κB binding site-mediated transcriptions.
Synthesis and antiviral activities of antofine analogues with different C-6 substituent groups.
Most of the compounds were found to exhibit higher antiviral activity than commercial Ningnanmycin in vitro and in vivo and the groups with hydrogen donor or electron-withdrawing groups at the C-6 position were foundto be favorable for antiviral action.
Recent Advances in Phenanthroindolizidine and Phenanthroquinolizidine Derivatives with Anticancer Activities.
It is hoped that a better understanding of the mechanisms of action associated with structure-activity relationships (SAR) will enable the development of new anticancer drugs.
Phenanthroindolizidines and Phenanthroquinolizidines: Promising Alkaloids for Anti-Cancer Therapy.
  • S. Chemler
  • Chemistry, Biology
    Current bioactive compounds
  • 2009
This review will highlight important contributions to the isolation, synthesis, SAR and mechanism of action of the phenanthroindolizidine and pheanthroquinolIZidine alkaloids.