Design, synthesis, and amplification of DNA pools for in vitro selection.

  title={Design, synthesis, and amplification of DNA pools for in vitro selection.},
  author={Bradley Hall and John M Micheletti and Pooja Satya and Krystal Ogle and Jack Pollard and Andrew D. Ellington},
  journal={Current protocols in nucleic acid chemistry},
  volume={Chapter 9},
  pages={Unit 9.2}
Preparation of a random-sequence DNA pool is presented. The degree of randomization and the length of the random sequence are discussed, as is synthesis of the pool using a DNA synthesizer or via commercial synthesis companies. Purification of a single-stranded pool and conversion to a double-stranded pool are presented as step-by-step protocols. Support protocols describe determination of the complexity and skewing of the pool, and optimization of amplification conditions. 

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