Design, modelling and construction of a continuous nuclear gauge for measuring the fluid levels

  title={Design, modelling and construction of a continuous nuclear gauge for measuring the fluid levels},
  author={Mojgan Falahati and M. R. Rashidian Vaziri and Amir Mohammad Beigzadeh and Hossein Afarideh},
  journal={Journal of Instrumentation},
  pages={P02028 - P02028}
In this paper, we report on design, modelling and construction of a simple continuous nuclear gauge for measuring the fluid levels in vessels. In this instrument, a point source and a point detector are used on top and bottom sides of the vessel. The theoretical framework that is needed for analyzing the instrument data is described and it is shown that with this type of design, any unknown systematic error during the measurements can be removed. The developed theoretical relations and the… 
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