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Design, Simulation and Feasibility Analysis of Bifacial Solar PV System in Marine Drive Road, Cox's Bazar

  title={Design, Simulation and Feasibility Analysis of Bifacial Solar PV System in Marine Drive Road, Cox's Bazar},
  author={Abdullah Al Mehadi and Mirza Muntasir Nishat and Fahim Faisal and Ahmed Raza Hasan Bhuiyan and Mohyeu Hussain and Md. Murshadul Hoque},
This paper proposes a design and simulation based investigative analysis of a vertically mounted bifacial solar photovoltaic model in Marine Drive Road, Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s bazar is a famous tourist destination which seems to be a flexible site for implementing such energy harvesting system without affecting the nearby eco-system and solves the existing land shortage problem. Moreover, the infrastructure will provide insulation to noise related problem faced by nearby residents, arising from… Expand

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