Design, Development and Implementation of ALU, RAM and ROM for 8051 Microcontroller on FPGA using VHDL

  title={Design, Development and Implementation of ALU, RAM and ROM for 8051 Microcontroller on FPGA using VHDL},
  author={S. S. Navalgund and Prakash R. Tonse},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
systems offer a solution to solve complex problems by combining the speed of hardware with the flexibility of software to improve performance and system performance. Past three decades have seen the introduction of the technology that has radically changed the way one analyses and controls the world around them. A byproduct of Microprocessor development by Intel is the 8051 Microcontroller which finds its use in almost all walks of life. The Microcontrollers are not as well known to the general… Expand
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