Desformylgramicidin: a model channel with an extremely high water permeability.

  title={Desformylgramicidin: a model channel with an extremely high water permeability.},
  author={Sapar M. Saparov and Yuri N Antonenko and Roger E Koeppe and Peter Pohl},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={79 5},
The water conductivity of desformylgramicidin exceeds the permeability of gramicidin A by two orders of magnitude. With respect to its single channel hydraulic permeability coefficient of 1.1.10(-12) cm(3) s(-1), desformylgramicidin may serve as a model for extremely permeable aquaporin water channel proteins (AQP4 and AQPZ). This osmotic permeability exceeds the conductivity that is predicted by the theory of single-file transport. It was derived from the concentration distributions of both… CONTINUE READING