Desert Gerbils Affect Bacterial Composition of Soil

  title={Desert Gerbils Affect Bacterial Composition of Soil},
  author={Tatyana A. Kuznetsova and M. J. van der Kam and Irina S. Khokhlova and Natalia V. Kostina and Tatiana G. Dobrovolskaya and Marat M. Umarov and A. Allan Degen and Georgy I. Shenbrot and Boris R Krasnov},
  journal={Microbial Ecology},
Rodents affect soil microbial communities by burrow architecture, diet composition, and foraging behavior. We examined the effect of desert rodents on nitrogen-fixing bacteria (NFB) communities by identifying bacteria colony-forming units (CFU) and measuring nitrogen fixation rates (ARA), denitrification (DA), and CO2 emission in soil from burrows of three… CONTINUE READING