Desegregation Rulings and Public Attitude Changes: White Resistance or Resignation?

  title={Desegregation Rulings and Public Attitude Changes: White Resistance or Resignation?},
  author={Cardell K. Jacobson},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={698 - 705}
  • C. Jacobson
  • Published 21 February 1978
  • Psychology
  • American Journal of Sociology
Two opposing theoretical arguments about the effect of court rulings on public attitudes are developed and tested using data collected before and after a desegregation ruling in Milwaukee. The social-adjustment argument is supported quite strongly. Parents of children in the public schools became more supportive of integration and busing on several different measures. On the other hand, people without children in the schools became more resistant, and parents of children in parochial schools… 
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