Descriptor system techniques and software tools

  title={Descriptor system techniques and software tools},
  author={Andreas Varga},
  • A. Varga
  • Published 2019
  • Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
The role of the descriptor system representation as basis for reliable numerical computations for system analysis and synthesis, and in particular, for the manipulation of rational matrices, is discussed and available robust numerical software tools are described. 
S Y ] 1 5 N ov 2 01 9 Descriptor system techniques and software tools
The role of the descriptor system representation as basis for reliable numerical computations for system analysis and synthesis, and in particular, for the manipulation of rational matrices, isExpand
Fault detection and diagnosis: computational issues and tools
  • A. Varga
  • Computer Science
  • Encyclopedia of Systems and Control
  • 2019
An overview of recent developments of computational methods for the synthesis of fault detection filters is presented and available software tools are described. Expand
Quantized Dissipative Observer-Based Output Feedback Control for a Class of Markovian Descriptor Jump Systems with Communication Delay
This paper investigates the problem of quantized dissipative observer-based output feedback control of Markovian descriptor jump systems with unavailable states, appearing networked-induced delay and provides the and - and dissipative performance indices which are robust against the disturbances with time-varying delays. Expand


A Descriptor Systems Toolbox for MATLAB
  • A. Varga
  • Computer Science
  • CACSD. Conference Proceedings. IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Aided Control System Design (Cat. No.00TH8537)
  • 2000
A Descriptor Systems Toolbox implemented under MATLAB that relies on the object oriented approach for control systems analysis and design provided within the standard Control Toolbox of MATLAB. Expand
Computation of least order solutions of linear rational equations
We propose a numerically reliable approach for computing solutions of least McMillan order of linear equations with rational matrix coefficients. The main computational ingredients are the orthogonalExpand
High-performance numerical software for control
The subroutine Library SLICOT (subroutine library in control theory) is described, given the background and motivation for the development of this library, and its most important features are described. Expand
A set of level 3 basic linear algebra subprograms
This paper describes an extension to the set of Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms. The extensions are targeted at matrix-vector operations that should provide for efficient and portableExpand
Singular Control Systems
  • L. Dai
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
  • 1989
This paper presents a meta-analyses of linear singular systems through system analysis via transfer matrix and feedback control of dynamic compensation for singular systems. Expand
Computation of structural invariants of generalized state-space systems
In this paper, we develop an algorithm for computing the zeros of a generalized state-space model described by the matrix 5-tuple (E,A, B, C, D), where E may be a singular matrix but det (A - hE) ¢-Expand
SLICOT—A Subroutine Library in Systems and Control Theory
This chapter describes the subroutine library SLICOT that provides Fortran 77 implementations of numerical algorithms for computations in systems and control theory and builds methods for the design and analysis of linear control systems. Expand
Analysis and Design of Descriptor Linear Systems
Preface, xiii.- List of Notations, xvii.- 1 Introduction, 1.- Part I Descriptor Linear Systems Analysis.- 2 Equivalence and Solutions of Descriptor Linear Systems, 35.- 3 Regular Descriptor LinearExpand
On computing nullspace bases { a fault detection perspective
We discuss computationally efficient and numerically reliable algorithms to compute minimal proper nullspace bases of a rational or polynomial matrix. The underlying main computational tool is theExpand
Constructive solutions to spectral and inner-outer factorizations with respect to the disk
We use state-space realizations to solve the spectral and inner-outer factorization problems with respect to the unit disk formulated for a completely general rational matrix. The algorithm is basedExpand