Descriptions of the lower limb skeleton of Homo floresiensis.

  title={Descriptions of the lower limb skeleton of Homo floresiensis.},
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  • W. Jungers, S. Larson, +4 authors T. Djubiantono
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine
  • Journal of human evolution
  • Bones of the lower extremity have been recovered for up to nine different individuals of Homo floresiensis - LB1, LB4, LB6, LB8, LB9, LB10, LB11, LB13, and LB14. LB1 is represented by a bony pelvis (damaged but now repaired), femora, tibiae, fibulae, patellae, and numerous foot bones. LB4/2 is an immature right tibia lacking epiphyses. LB6 includes a fragmentary metatarsal and two pedal phalanges. LB8 is a nearly complete right tibia (shorter than that of LB1). LB9 is a fragment of a hominin… CONTINUE READING
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