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Descriptions of the advertisement calls of three sympatric frog species in the subgenus Vatomantis (genus Gephyromantis) from Madagascar

  title={Descriptions of the advertisement calls of three sympatric frog species in the subgenus Vatomantis (genus Gephyromantis) from Madagascar},
  author={Joana Sabino-Pinto and Christopher J. Mayerl and Willem R. M. Meilink and Diana Grasso and Constantijn Cb Raaijmakers and Valerio Giovanni Russo and Maud Segal and Gwij Stegen and Jonathan R. Clegg and Achyuthan N. Srikanthan and Frank Glaw and Miguel Vences},
Gephyromantis is a monophyletic genus within the family Mantellidae that contains frogs of largely brownish coloration, which primarily inhabit the leaf litter in the rain forests of Madagascar (Glaw and Vences, 2006). Five subgenera are currently recognized (Duboimantis, Phylacomantis, Laurentomantis, Vatomantis, and Gephyromantis). However, a recent molecular study using both mitochondrial and nuclear genes revealed that the subgenus Gephyromantis is monophyletic only after exclusion of G… Expand

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