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Descriptions of some new Species of Prionidæ

  title={Descriptions of some new Species of Prionid{\ae}},
  author={Charles Joseph Gahan}
Revision of the Genus Prionacalus White, 1845 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Prioninae: Prionini)
ABSTRACT Prionacalus White, 1845, a genus restricted to western South America from Colombia to northern Argentina, is revised. Of the 15 species currently described, seven are considered as distinct
Réhabilitation de Athous puncticollis Kiesenwetter, 1858, espèce distincte de A. vittatus Fabricius, 1792 (Coleoptera, Elateridae)
La correlation entre donnees moleculaires et morphologiques justifie pleinement leur separation assez enfant que ces deux especes sont genetiquement bien differenciees.
Inventário das espécies de Lepturinae, Parandrinae e Prioninae (Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) do Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, RJ, Brasil
A survey of the Lepturinae, Parandrinae and Prioninae species recorded in the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, is presented, representing about 40% of the species that occur in the Atlantic Rainforest.
Revisão do gênero Physopleurus Lacordaire, 1869 e notas em Macrotomini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Prioninae)
The genus Physopleurus Lacordaire, 1869 = Basitoxus (Parabasitoxus) Fragoso & Monne, 1995 syn. nov. is revised and redefined based on new characters. The following species are treated (in sequence