Description ofOligosita tominici n. sp. [Hym., trichogrammatidae] and notes on the hosts ofAnagrus atomus (L.) andAnaphes autumnalis Foerster [Hym. Mymaridae]


Oligosita tominici n. sp. is described, bred fromErythroneura eburnea (Cicadellidae) and a key to theminima-group is given.Anagrus atomus (L.) is recorded fromErythroneura eburnea, too, andAnaphes autumnalis Foerster is bred from an egg ofTipula autumnalis Loew; it is the first record of an egg-parasite ofTipulidae. L'auteur décrit une espèce… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02370918


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