Description of new species of Surimyia Reemer and Carreramyia Doesburg (Diptera: Syrphidae) from the Brazilian Amazon.

  title={Description of new species of Surimyia Reemer and Carreramyia Doesburg (Diptera: Syrphidae) from the Brazilian Amazon.},
  author={Fernando da Silva Carvalho-Filho},
  volume={3887 1},
Surimyia reemeri sp. n. and Carreramyia jatai sp. n. are described from the Brazilian Amazon. The diagnosis of Surimyia Reemer is emended to include S. reemeri sp. n. that differs from other species of the genus mainly by the shape of male terminalia and basoflagellomere length. In addition, S. rolanderi Reemer is recorded for Brazil for the first time. The key to species of Carreramyia Doesburg by Reemer (2008) is modified to include C. jatai sp. n., and a key to species of Surimyia is… Expand


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