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Description of aNew Dinematichthys (Ophidiiformes: Bythitidae) from Rottnest Island, Western Australia

  title={Description of aNew Dinematichthys (Ophidiiformes: Bythitidae) from Rottnest Island, Western Australia},
  author={D. M. Cohen and Barry Hutchinst},
A new species of ophidioid fish, Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus, is described from Rottnest Island, located off the coast of south-western Australia. It differs from the only other known member of the genus D. iluocoeteoides by its more numerous dorsal fin rays (96-103 v. 83) and pectoral fin rays (25-28 v. 22-23), greater number of lateral line scales (140 v. 100), smaller eye (6.9 v. 5 in head), and in having an unsheathed maxillary. 
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