Description of a new dottyback of the genus Pseudochromis (Pisces: Pseudochromidae) from Western Australia

  title={Description of a new dottyback of the genus Pseudochromis (Pisces: Pseudochromidae) from Western Australia},
  author={Anthony G. Gill and David J. Woodland},
  journal={Records of The Australian Museum},
A new species of Pseudochromis (Pseudochromidae) is described on the basis of a single specimen trawled from 80 m at Glomar Shoal, off northern Western Australia. Pseudochromis reticulatus n.sp. is separable from other Pseudochromis in having the following characters in combination: dorsal rays 111,27 (all soft rays branched), anal rays 111,15, scales in lateral series 34 to 36, anterior lateral line scales 28 to 30, circumpeduncular scales 16, and caudal fin pointed. GILL, A.c. & D.J. WOODLAND… 
Pseudochromis stellatus, a new species of dottyback from Indonesia (Teleostei: Pseudochromidae).
The Pseudochromis reticulatus complex is diagnosed to include species of Pseud Cochromis with the combination of a pointed caudal fin (rounded with middle rays produced), a reticulated colour pattern on the upper part of the body, and higher mean numbers of scales in lateral series and of anterior lateral-line scales.
Pseudochromis lugubris and P. tonozukai, two new dottyback fish species from the Indo-Australian Archipelago (Perciformes: Pseudochromidae: Pseudochrominae)
Pseudochromis lugubris is described from seven specimens, 38.4 65.9 mm SL, from southeastern New Guinea, which is distinguished from congeners in having the following combination of characters: dorsal-fin rays III,25; anal-finrays III,14 15; scales in lateral series 34 36; caudal fin rhomboid to trifurcate; and upper part of pectoral fin without small dark spot.
Two new dottyback species of the genus Pseudochromis from southern Indonesia (Teleostei: Pseudochromidae)
Pseudochromis oligochrysus new species is described from nine specimens collected from Nusa Penida (off Bali) and PuraIsland (between Pantar and Alor), Indonesia. It resembles P. flavopunctatus Gill


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