Description of a New Window for the Use of Asylums

  • W. Wood
  • Published 2016 in
    Journal of psychological medicine and mental…


Whenever tlie stern necessity arises for breaking up a family circle, and consigning to an asylum some one of its members, the first thought which the anxiety of relatives properly and naturally suggests is, how the distress occasioned by the separation of those who have perhaps never yet been parted may be mitigated, if not entirely saved? how the gloomy presentiments of coming evils, and the distracting doubts of groundless suspicions, may be most speedily removed, while the wild excitement of mania may be calmed with the least appearance of opposition or control. The very aspect of the building to which a patient is often so unwillingly taken, may make an impression on his mind most difficult to efface, and most prejudicial to his recovery. Important as they are, it is not enough to provide for the mere animal wants and personal comforts, Uor will it suffice to insure the kind assiduity of attendants, aud all the resources which Various well-ordered amusements afford, if the arrangements of the building itself suggest the thought of imprisonment, and remind the unhappy sufferer, as he wistfully gazes through his heavily-barred window, that he is not only forcibly separated from his family, but at the same time shut out from tlie world. I need not dwell 011 the impediments to recovery which all unnecessary precautions are so well calculated to produce; they not only tend to perpetuate gloomy thoughts, to create discontent, and

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