Description of a New Genus and Two New Species of Indo-Pacific Clingfishes (Gobiesocidae: Diademichthyinae) with Redescription and Reassignment of Two Species Previously Assigned to Lepadichthys Waite, 1904

  title={Description of a New Genus and Two New Species of Indo-Pacific Clingfishes (Gobiesocidae: Diademichthyinae) with Redescription and Reassignment of Two Species Previously Assigned to Lepadichthys Waite, 1904},
  author={Kyoji Fujiwara and Kevin W. Conway and Hiroyuki Motomura},
  journal={Ichthyology \& Herpetology},
  pages={753 - 784}
A new genus and two new species of Indo-Pacific clingfishes are described in this study. The new genus, Flabellicauda, belongs to the Diademichthyinae and can be distinguished from other genera currently placed in this subfamily by the following combination of characters: snout moderate in length and slightly pointed, not extremely long or strongly rounded; oral cleft very small, restricted to anterior tip of snout, posterior portion of both jaws covered by thick skin of snout; gill opening a… 

Rediagnosis of the monotypic genus Lepadicyathus Prokofiev 2005 (Gobiesocidae: Diademichthyinae) and redescription of Lepadicyathus minor (Briggs 1955), new combination

A revised diagnosis is provided for the poorly known clingfish genus Lepadicyathus Prokofiev 2005. The genus belongs to Diademichthyinae (sensu Conway et al.) and is characterized by the following



A new genus and species of clingfish from the Rangitāhua Kermadec Islands of New Zealand (Teleostei, Gobiesocidae)

Flexorincus, new genus and species, is described from shallow intertidal and sub-tidal waters of the Rangitāhua Kermadec Islands, New Zealand and shares a number of characteristics of the oral jaws and the adhesive disc skeleton with certain members of the Aspasminae and Diademichthyinae.

Another New Species of the Clingfish Genus Derilissus from the Western Atlantic (Pisces: Gobiesocidae)

A fourth new species of Derilissus, known from a single specimen, is described herein in order that its description may contribute toward a better understanding of the origin and affinities of this group of little known fishes.

Two New Species of the Indo-Pacific Clingfish Genus Discotrema (Gobiesocidae)

Two new species of the formerly monotypic gobiesocid genus Discotrema are described, with unique mitochondrial DNA sequences showed that D. crinophilum and D. monogrammum are distinct lineages.

Lepadichthys bilineatus, a new species of clingfish from Oman (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae), with a redescription of Lepadichthys erythraeus Briggs and Link from the Red Sea.

Lepadichthys bilineatus is described as a new species of gobiesocid fish from a single specimen, collected from 1.5 m in a tidepool on the southeastern coast of Oman, distinct from other Lepadichthy species in having the following combination of characters.

Diplecogaster tonstricula, a new species of cleaning clingfish (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from the Canary Islands and Senegal, eastern Atlantic Ocean, with a review of the Diplecogaster-ctenocrypta species-group

The new species Diplecogaster tonstricula, a facultative cleaner of other teleosts, is described on the basis of eight specimens and colour photos from Senegal and the Canary Islands, eastern Atlantic Ocean.

A new species, Propherallodus longipterus, from the Philippines and redescription of P. briggsi Shiogaki and Dotsu 1983 (Gobiesocidae: Diplocrepinae)

Propherallodus longipterus sp. nov. (Gobiesocidae: Diplocrepinae) is described on the basis of three specimens (17.0–22.8 mm in standard length: SL) from the Philippines. The new species is

Review of the clingfish genus Kopua (Gobiesocidae: Trachelochisminae) in Japan, with description of a new species

K. japonica and K. vermiculata are redescribed with revised diagnoses on the basis of 20 specimens and the holotype, respectively, and Kopua yoko sp.

Kopua minima (Döderlein 1887), a senior synonym of K. japonica Moore, Hutchins and Okamoto 2012, and description of a new species of Aspasma (Gobiesocidae)

A species commonly regarded as Aspasma minima is described as the new species AsPasma ubauo sp.

Lecanogaster gorgoniphila , a new species of clingfish ( Tele-ostei : Gobiesocidae ) from São Tomé and Principe , eastern Atlantic Ocean

The clingfish Lecanogaster gorgoniphila new species, an unusual species associated with gorgonians, is described on the basis of 7 specimens and colour photographs from São Tomé Island, São Tomé and

A New Genus and Species of Clingfish (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from Western Australia

The new taxon is distinguished from all other members of the Gobiesocidae by having vast fields of tiny conical teeth throughout the oral jaws that are arranged in multiple, regular rows along the lingual surface of the premaxilla and the dentary.