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Description of Aristocypha aino sp. nov. from Hainan, with notes on the related species (Zygoptera : Chlorocyphidae)

  title={Description of Aristocypha aino sp. nov. from Hainan, with notes on the related species (Zygoptera : Chlorocyphidae)},
  author={M. H{\"a}m{\"a}l{\"a}inen and Graham T. Reels and Haomiao Zhang},
A new chlorocyphid damselfly species, Aristocypha aino sp. nov. (holotype male from Jianfengling National Nature Reserve, Hainan Island, China) is described and illustrated for both sexes. Its systematic relationship with other taxa in the genus is discussed. Rhinocypha bifenestrata Fraser, 1922 is ranked as a synonym of Aristocypha cuneata (Selys, 1853), not as a synonym of A. quadrimaculata (Selys, 1853). Rhinocypha chaoi Wilson, 2004 is transferred to the genus Aristocypha. 

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