Description and evaluation of a sampling system for long-time monitoring of PAHs wet deposition.


In this paper a new electronically controlled year-round wet-only sampler for wet deposition of trace organic compounds (e.g. airborne PAHs) is described. The sampler provides in situ filtration of the precipitation as well as preconcentration of nonpolar organic compounds by means of a C18-PAH modified silica gel cartridge. The whole assembly is insulated and equipped with heating elements which permit collection of wet deposition as ice or snow and insure correct function of the sampling system even during cold weather. Concurrent chemical analysis of both the particulate and the dissolved phases is performed by high resolution gas chromatography with flame ionization detection or HPLC with fluorescence detection. The reliability of the method was proved by analyzing PAH spiked water (simulated rain) and using NIST SRM 1649 ('urban dust') as certified material for particle-bound PAHs in precipitation. This study proved satisfactorily recoveries of as both particle-bound and unbound aqueous PAH, with only small losses to collector surfaces. It was proved that this new wet-only precipitation sampler can successfully be used for long-time monitoring of PAH in wet depositions in urban areas.

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