Description and Reasoning of VLSI circuit in temporal logic


This paper presents a method for describing and reasoning about the behavior of VLSI circuits within the framework of Extended Temporal Logic. For a reasoning method, an “ω-graph approach” is proposed which is useful in verifying the validity of a design. Not only verification but also other reasoning about circuit properties, such as unknown signal identification, can be treated in a unified way by this ω-graph approach. This approach has been studied as a basis of an expert system for the authors’ VLSI CAD system.

DOI: 10.1007/BF03037053

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@article{Fusaoka1984DescriptionAR, title={Description and Reasoning of VLSI circuit in temporal logic}, author={Akira Fusaoka and Hirohisa Seki and Kazuko Takahashi}, journal={New Generation Computing}, year={1984}, volume={2}, pages={79-90} }