Description and Acquisition of Multiword Lexemes

  title={Description and Acquisition of Multiword Lexemes},
  author={Angelika Storrer and Ulrike Schwall},
  booktitle={EAMT Workshop},
This paper deals with multiword lexemes (MWLs), focussing on two types of verbal MWLs: verbal idioms and support verb constructions. We discuss the characteristic properties of MWLs, namely nonstandard compositionality, restricted substitutability of components, and restricted morpho-syntactic flexibility, and we show how these properties may cause serious problems during the analysis, generation, and transfer steps of machine translation systems. In order to cope with these problems, MT… 
Morphological parsing, the mental lexicon and the dictionary
This paper deals with the "word" status of suffixes in a Turkish speaker's mental lexicon and their perception as units and a treatment of these as units may remove certain delimitations in computational applications and the ambiguity problem frequently encountered when parsing Turkish texts.
Corpus-based Investigations on German Support Verb Constructions
Support verb constructions like to take a risk or to set into motion are composed of a verb component (to take, to set) and a noun component (risk, motion). The noun component is typically a
The automatic translation of idioms: machine translation vs. translation memory systems
The requirements for automatically recognizing idioms are investigated and it is checked whether idiom recognition is possible within current translation systems, i.e. machine translation and translation memory systems.
Death and Lightness: Using a Demographic Model to Find Support Verbs
A model which identifies the support verb for a particular noun, and by extension, when nouns are enumerated, a model which disambiguates a verb with respect to its support status is developed.
From METAL to T1: Systems and Components for Machine Translation Applications
This paper describes the progress which has been made to make MT systems usable in professional environments. After many years of significant investment, it was decided that the time was ripe for the
Translation events in cross-language information retrieval: lexical ambiguity, lexical holes, vocabulary mismatch, and correct translations
The study followed a two-phase multi-method approach, and a taxonomy of translation events was created through content analysis of queries and their translations in combination with an examination of the literature.
Verbbedeutung und Situationsperspektivierung
Dieselbe Situation kann von verschiedenen Sprechern oder von demselben Sprecher in verschiedenen Kommunikationssituationen unterschiedlich versprachlicht werden. Dabei werfen die alternativen


Support verb constructions: linguistic properties, representation, translation
The representations adopted below are shown to lead to simple transfer rules limited to the substitution of lexical items which do not entail complex structural changes between source and target sentences.
Extraction of V-N-Collocations from Text Corpora: A Feasibility Study for German
The usefulness of a statistical approach suggested by Church and Hanks (1989) is evaluated for the extraction of verb-noun (V-N) collocations from German text corpora and precision and recall results are presented.
DiTo-Datenbank : Datendokumentation zu Funktionsverbgefügen und Relativsätzen
In dieser Arbeit werden die DiTo-Daten zu Funktionsverbgefugen und Relativsatzen beschrieben. DiTo ist ein am DFKI entwickeltes Testwerkzeug fur die Fehlerdiagnose der Syntaxkomponente