Description Logics in Multimedia Reasoning

  title={Description Logics in Multimedia Reasoning},
  author={Leslie F. Sikos},
  booktitle={Springer International Publishing},
  • L. Sikos
  • Published in
    Springer International…
    28 June 2017
  • Philosophy
VidOnt: a core reference ontology for reasoning over video scenes*
  • L. Sikos
  • Computer Science
    J. Inf. Telecommun.
  • 2018
This paper describes a formally grounded core reference ontology for video representation, which addresses many of the issues and limitations of multimedia ontologies.
A novel ontology for 3D semantics: ontology-based 3D model indexing and content-based video retrieval applied to the medical domain
  • L. Sikos
  • Computer Science
    Int. J. Metadata Semant. Ontologies
  • 2017
This paper presents the most comprehensive formally grounded 3D ontology to date that maps the entire XSD-based vocabulary of the industry standard X3D to OWL 2, complemented by fundamental concepts and roles of the 3D modelling industry not covered by X3d.
Visual aspect-oriented modeling of explorable extended reality environments
A new visual approach to modeling explorable XR environments is proposed, based on a semantic representation of aspects, which extend the primary code ofXR environments to register their behavior in a form explorable with reasoning and queries, appropriate for high-level analysis in arbitrary domains.
Creating explorable extended reality environments with semantic annotations
The approach combines description logics with aspect-oriented programming, which enables knowledge representation in an arbitrary domain as well as transformation of available environments with minimal users’ effort and enables efficient creation of explorable XR environments and knowledge acquisition from XR.
Video representation and suspicious event detection using semantic technologies
It is claimed that there is no existing method that can represent frame-level information of a video in structured representation and perform event detection, reducing storage and enhancing semantically-aided retrieval of video data.
A Bio-inspired Classification System for Cyber-Physical-Human Identity Resolution
This book presents a systematic procedure for cataloguing the phytochemical properties of fruit juice and some of the properties related to fruit juice, including its properties as well as other properties such as viscosity and viscount.


Video Event Recognition via Reasoning over Temporal DL Axioms
    181 6.7.2 Image Interpretation Using Fuzzy DL Axioms