Describing suicidality: an investigation of qualitative SSF responses.

  title={Describing suicidality: an investigation of qualitative SSF responses.},
  author={David A. Jobes and Kathryn N Nelson and Erin M. Peterson and Daniel Pentiuc and Vanessa Lynn Downing and Kristen Francini and Amy E Kiernan},
  journal={Suicide & life-threatening behavior},
  volume={34 2},
Given the incidence and seriousness of suicidality in clinical practice, the need for new and better ways to assess suicide risk is clear. While there are many published assessment instruments in the literature, survey data suggest that these measure are not widely used. One possible explanation is that current quantitatively developed assessment instruments may fail to capture something essential about the suicidal patient's experience. The current exploratory study examined a range of open… CONTINUE READING