DescribeX: Interacting with AxPRE Summaries


DescribeX is a visual, interactive tool for exploring the underlying structure of an XML collection. DescribeX implements a framework for creating XML summaries described using axis path regular expressions (abbreviated AxPRE). AxPRE's capture all the bisimilarity-based proposals in the summary literature and they can be used to define new and more… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/ICDE.2008.4497616


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@article{Ali2008DescribeXIW, title={DescribeX: Interacting with AxPRE Summaries}, author={Mir Sadek Ali and Mariano P. Consens and Shahan Khatchadourian and Flavio Rizzolo}, journal={2008 IEEE 24th International Conference on Data Engineering}, year={2008}, pages={1540-1543} }