Descartes and the Radius of the Rainbow

  title={Descartes and the Radius of the Rainbow},
  author={Carl B. Boyer},
  pages={95 - 98}
EW scientists have been subjected to charges of plagiarism more frequently than Descartes (I596-I650). In particular, each of the appendices to the Discours de la methode has been questioned. La dioptrique long was believed to have been derived from work of Snell;' Les meteores once was regarded as inspired by the ideas of Kepler and De Dominis ;2 and in La geometrie some critics thought they saw unacknowledged indebtedness to Harriot and Oresme.3 None of these charges has been substantiated… Expand
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Characterization of refractive index and size of a spherical drop by using Gaussian beam scattering in the secondary rainbow region
Abstract In the present study the structure of the secondary rainbow is examined for the case of a spherical drop illuminated by a Gaussian beam with its waist radius comparable to the drop radius.Expand


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