Desarrollo de un Analizador Sintáctico Estadístico basado en Dependencias para el Euskera

  title={Desarrollo de un Analizador Sint{\'a}ctico Estad{\'i}stico basado en Dependencias para el Euskera},
  author={Kepa Bengoetxea and Koldo Gojenola},
  journal={Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural},
This paper presents the first steps towards a stat istic l syntactic analyzer for Basque. The system is based on a syntactically dependency a nnot ted treebank and an adaptation of the deterministic syntactic analyzer of Nivre et al. (2 007), which relies on a shift/reduce deterministic analyzer together with a machine lear ning module that determines which one of 4 analysis options to take, giving a unique syntactic dependency analysis of an input sentence. The results are near to those… CONTINUE READING

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