Desacetylmatricarin fromArtemisia incana

  title={Desacetylmatricarin fromArtemisia incana},
  author={L. V. Revazova and P. V. Chugunov and D. Pakaln},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
The constants of the substance under considera t ion and those of its de r iva t ives agree comple te ly with those of de sace ty lma t r i ca r in , a sesqu i t e rpene lactone isolated f rom A r t e m i s i a leucoides , A. t i les i i , A. aus t r iaca , A. l e rcheana [2-5] , and Achi l lea lanulosa [6]. A mix ture with authentic de sace ty lma t r i ca r in gave no depress ion of the mel t ing point. Unambiguous r e su l t s were obtained in a thin layer of alumina. 
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