Dermoscopy of the nail bed and matrix to assess melanonychia striata.

  title={Dermoscopy of the nail bed and matrix to assess melanonychia striata.},
  author={S{\'e}rgio Henrique Hirata and S{\'e}rgio Yamada and Fernando Antonio de Almeida and Jane Tomomori-Yamashita and Mauro Yoshiaki Enokihara and Francisco Macedo Paschoal and Milvia Maria Sim{\~o}es E Silva Enokihara and Cinthia M Outi and N{\'i}lceo Schwery Michalany},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology},
  volume={53 5},
Melanonychia striata represents a diagnostic dilemma for dermatologists. The use of dermoscopy to assess the nail has advantages over clinical examination. However, when compared to skin lesions, it gives fewer details. We describe two cases of melanonychia striata submitted to dermoscopic examination of the nail bed and matrix. This is a new procedure that enables observing dermoscopic characteristics that are not visualized in the nail plate, thus, providing additional information.