Dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions: results of a consensus meeting via the Internet.

  title={Dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions: results of a consensus meeting via the Internet.},
  author={Giuseppe Argenziano and Hans Peter Soyer and Sergio Chimenti and Renato Talamini and Rosamaria Corona and Francesco Sera and M. Binder and Lorenzo Cerroni and Gaetano De Rosa and Gerardo Ferrara and Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof and M{\'i}chael Landthaler and Scott W. Menzies and Hubert Pehamberger and Domenico Piccolo and Harold S. Rabinovitz and R. Schiffner and Stefania Staibano and Wilhelm Stolz and Igor Bartenjev and Andreas Blum and Ralph Braun and Horacio Cabo and P. -M. Carli and Vincenzo de Giorgi and Matthew G. Fleming and James M. Grichnik and Caron M Grin and Allan C. Halpern and Robert H Johr and Brian S. Butler Joseph M. Katz and Robert O Kenet and Harald Kittler and J{\"u}rgen Kreusch and Josep Malvehy and Giampiero Mazzocchetti and Margaret Oliviero and Fezal Ozdemir and Ketty Peris and Roberto Perotti and Ana M Perusquia and Maria Antonietta Pizzichetta and Susana Puig and B. Shankar Rao and Pietro Rubegni and Toshiaki Saida and Massimiliano Scalvenzi and Stefania Seidenari and Ignazio Stanganelli and Masaru Tanaka and Karin Westerhoff and Ingrid H. Wolf and O Braun-falco and Helmut Kerl and Takeji Nishikawa and K. Wolff and Alfred W. Kopf},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology},
  volume={48 5},
BACKGROUND There is a need for better standardization of the dermoscopic terminology in assessing pigmented skin lesions. OBJECTIVE The virtual Consensus Net Meeting on Dermoscopy was organized to investigate reproducibility and validity of the various features and diagnostic algorithms. METHODS Dermoscopic images of 108 lesions were evaluated via the Internet by 40 experienced dermoscopists using a 2-step diagnostic procedure. The first-step algorithm distinguished melanocytic versus… CONTINUE READING
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