Dermoscopy Clues in Pigmented Bowen's Disease

  title={Dermoscopy Clues in Pigmented Bowen's Disease},
  author={Daniela Guti{\'e}rrez-Mendoza and Roberto Narro-Llorente and Marcia K{\'a}ram-Orantes and Ver{\'o}nica Fonte-{\'A}valos and Eduwiges Mart{\'i}nez-Luna and Sonia Toussaint-Caire and Judith Dom{\'i}guez-Cherit},
  booktitle={Dermatology research and practice},
Pigmented tumors have similar clinical features that overlap and hamper diagnosis. Dermoscopy increases the diagnostic accuracy of doubtful melanocytic lesions and has been used as a noninvasive tool in the detection of pigmented lesions (PLs) like melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and pigmented Bowen's disease (pBD). Our objective was to show the dermoscopic features of 2 cases of pBD and compare with the findings reported in the literature. Two dermoscopic images of biopsy proven pBD were… CONTINUE READING