Dermoscopic yellow structures in basal cell carcinoma.


BACKGROUND Yellowish structures in dermoscopy comprise milia-like cysts (MLCs) and yellow lobular-like structures. OBJECTIVE This study aimed at establishing the frequency of these features in BCC and at describing their dermoscopic details. METHODS A retrospective analysis of digital dermoscopic images referring to 400 BCCs was performed. Images were evaluated for the presence of starry and cloudy MLCs and yellow lobular-like structures. RESULTS Among the 400 BCCs constituting our database, 40 presented yellowish structures (10%). "Yellow" BCCs were located more frequently on the head and were mainly of the nodular type. MLCs were observed in 7.75% of the cases (with a mean number of 4.9 MLCs per lesion), whereas yellow globules were noticed in 4.2% /ucodep of the lesions. CONCLUSION In the presence of BCC specific dermoscopic criteria, the observation of MLCs and yellow lobular-like structures should not prompt the dermatologist to exclude the diagnosis of BCC.

DOI: 10.1111/jdv.12092

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