[Dermatoses of pregnancy].


Pregnancy is associated with hormonal, metabolic, immunologic, haemodynamic and vascular changes which produce physiological and pathological cutaneous manifestations. Most skin disorders during pregnancy represent physiological changes. The specific dermatoses of pregnancy are disease entities almost exclusively related to the pregnancy or the postpartum period. Some dermatoses characteristically improve or exacerbate during pregnancy. Dermatoses of pregnancy can potentially be a serious risk to the foetus. Although the foetal outcome is almost always favourable, early diagnosis and prompt treatment are essential. Use of any medication during pregnancy should be carefully considered, and as few medications as possible should be administered. In this review, the authors discuss the various dermatoses of pregnancy in detail, based on novel classification, aetiology and pathogenesis, diagnostic approach, disease course, prognosis, foetal risk and therapy.

DOI: 10.1556/OH.2013.29697

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