Dermatopathology of skin cancer in solid organ transplant recipients.

  title={Dermatopathology of skin cancer in solid organ transplant recipients.},
  author={Benjamin K Stoff and Catherine L Salisbury and Douglas Parker and Fiona O'Reilly Zwald},
  journal={Transplantation reviews},
  volume={24 4},
Skin cancers occur more frequently in solid organ transplant recipients relative to the general population. Transplant recipients are at particularly high risk of squamous cell carcinoma, with up to a 100-fold increase in the relative risk when compared to the nontransplanted population. This compares with a 10- to 16-fold increase in basal cell carcinoma for renal transplant recipients. An increased incidence of melanoma in transplant patients has also been reported. Other types of skin cancer… CONTINUE READING
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