Dermal spindle cell lipoma: plexiform and nodular variants.

  title={Dermal spindle cell lipoma: plexiform and nodular variants.},
  author={Bernhard W. H. Zelger and Bettina Gudrun Zelger and A L Pl{\"o}rer and Hannes Steiner and Peter O. Fritsch},
  volume={27 6},
We report on eleven cases of a distinctive dermal spindle cell lipoma characterized by a mixture of mature adipocytes and spindle-shaped cells in a fibromucinous background. Six lesions showed a moderately well circumscribed plexiform pattern, five a well demarcated nodular pattern with compression of surrounding connective tissue and prominent stromal fibrosis. Clinically, the plexiform type mostly occurred in the thigh-groin-buttock area and the nodular type in the head-neck or acral location… CONTINUE READING


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