Dermal and glomerular deposition of IgA in anaphylactoid purpura.

  title={Dermal and glomerular deposition of IgA in anaphylactoid purpura.},
  author={Joseph Giangiacomo and C. C. Tsai},
  journal={American journal of diseases of children},
  volume={131 9},
During the period of acute anaphylactoid purpura, skin biopsies were performed on 14 patients with purpuric and nonpurpuric skin. In addition, four patients had renal biopsies. Examination of the tissue by immunofluorescence to anti-human immunoglobulins IgG, IgA, IgM, and IgE, fibrin/fibrinogen, complement Clq, C4, and C3 demonstrated predominant IgA, C3, fibrin/fibrinogen in the purpuric skin and glomerulus, without Clq and C4. These immunohistochemical findings are characteristic of… CONTINUE READING


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