Derma: Monitoring the Evolution of Skin Lesions with a 3D System

  title={Derma: Monitoring the Evolution of Skin Lesions with a 3D System},
  author={Marco Callieri and Paolo Cignoni and Paolo Pingi and Roberto Scopigno and M. Coluccia and G. Gaggio and Maria Novella Romanelli},
We present a new integrated tool, DERMA, which allows to measure and assess the time evolution of chronic wounds. A laser triangulation 3D scanner is used to acquire the wound geometry with high precision and to capture an RGB image aligned to the geometry. DERMA provides a single and uniform interface to: manage patient data, 3D scanning of the lesion region, and to perform different kinds of measurements and comparisons: geometric (on the 3D model) and colorimetric (on the image). All… CONTINUE READING
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