Deriving an X‐ray luminosity function of dwarf novae

  title={Deriving an X‐ray luminosity function of dwarf novae},
  author={Kristiina Jenny Katariina Byckling and Kiyofumi Mukai and J R Thorstensen and J P Osborne},
Current measurements of X‐ray luminosity functions of dwarf novae contain biases due to high X‐ray flux sources. We have obtained Suzaku, XMM‐Newton and ASCA observations of nearby DNe which have parallax‐based distance measurements, and carried out X‐ray spectral analysis for these sources. Our primary goal is to derive a reliable X‐ray luminosity function for this sample, and to compare it with existing X‐ray luminosity functions. We briefly introduce the source sample and preliminary results… CONTINUE READING

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