Deriving Dagger Compactness

  title={Deriving Dagger Compactness},
  author={Sean Tull},
  journal={Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science},
  • S. Tull
  • Published 11 July 2019
  • Mathematics
  • Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science
Dagger compact structure is a common assumption in the study of physical process theories, but lacks a clear interpretation. Here we derive dagger compactness from more operational axioms on a category. We first characterise the structure in terms of a simple mapping of states to effects which we call a 'state dagger', before deriving this in any category with 'completely mixed' states and a form of purification, as in quantum theory. 



Symmetry, Compact Closure and Dagger Compactness for Categories of Convex Operational Models

This paper characterize compact closure of symmetric monoidal categories of convex operational models in two ways: as a statement about the existence of teleportation protocols, and as the principle that every process allowed by that theory can be realized as an instance of a remote evaluation protocol—hence, as a form of classical probabilistic conditioning.

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We show that an equation follows from the axioms of dagger compact closed categories if and only if it holds in finite dimensional Hilbert spaces.

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