Derived smooth manifolds

  title={Derived smooth manifolds},
  author={David I. Spivak},
  journal={Duke Mathematical Journal},
  • David I. Spivak
  • Published 29 October 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Duke Mathematical Journal
We define a simplicial category called the category of derived manifolds. It contains the category of smooth manifolds as a full discrete subcategory, and it is closed under taking arbitrary intersections in a manifold. A derived manifold is a space together with a sheaf of local $C^\infty$-rings that is obtained by patching together homotopy zero-sets of smooth functions on Euclidean spaces. We show that derived manifolds come equipped with a stable normal bundle and can be imbedded into… 
Derived smooth stacks and prequantum categories
The Weil-Kostant integrality theorem states that given a smooth manifold endowed with an integral complex closed 2-form, then there exists a line bundle with connection on this manifold with
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This paper is devoted to the study of the relation between ‘formal exponential maps,’ the Atiyah class, and Kapranov L∞[1] algebras associated with dg manifolds in the C ∞ context. We prove that, for
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We establish a highly structured variant of the Brown representability theorem: given a sheaf of spaces on the site of manifolds, we show that concordance classes of sections of this sheaf over a
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Manifolds without boundary, and manifolds with boundary, are universally known in Differential Geometry, but manifolds with corners (locally modelled on [0,\infty)^k x R^{n-k}) have received
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We develop the theory of derived differential geometry in terms of bundles of curved $L_\infty[1]$-algebras, i.e. dg manifolds of positive amplitudes. We prove the category of derived manifolds is a
Kuranishi spaces as a 2-category
  • D. joyce
  • Mathematics
    Virtual Fundamental Cycles in Symplectic Topology
  • 2019
This is a survey of the author's in-progress book arXiv:1409.6908. 'Kuranishi spaces' were introduced in the work of Fukaya, Oh, Ohta and Ono in symplectic geometry (see e.g. arXiv:1503.07631), as
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We further develop the foundations of derived complex analytic geometry introduced in [DAG-IX] by J. Lurie. We introduce the notion of coherent sheaf on a derived complex analytic space. Moreover,
Stacks and their function algebras.
For T any abelian Lawvere theory, we establish a Quillen adjunction between model category structures on cosimplicial T -algebras and on simplicial presheaves over duals of T -algebras, whose left


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This is the second part of a series of papers devoted to develop Homotopical Algebraic Geometry. We start by defining and studying generalizations of standard notions of linear and commutative
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A "Chen space" is a set X equipped with a collection of "plots" - maps from convex sets to X - satisfying three simple axioms. While an individual Chen space can be much worse than a smooth manifold,
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It is well known in homotopy theory that given a loop space X one can always find a simplicial group G weakly equivalent to X, such that the weak equivalence can be realized by maps preserving
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We construct the derived version of the Hilbert scheme parametrizing subschemes in a given projective scheme X with given Hilbert polynomial h. This is a dg-manifold (smooth dg-scheme) RHilb_h(X)
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The aim of this book is to construct categories of spaces which contain all the C?-manifolds, but in addition infinitesimal spaces and arbitrary function spaces. To this end, the techniques of
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Every homotopy theory of simplicial algebras admits a proper model