Derived categories, resolutions, and Brown representability

  title={Derived categories, resolutions, and Brown representability},
  author={Henning Krause},
  journal={arXiv: K-Theory and Homology},
  • H. Krause
  • Published 2 November 2005
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: K-Theory and Homology
These notes are based on a series of five lectures given during the summer school ``Interactions between Homotopy Theory and Algebra'' held at the University of Chicago in 2004. 

On the centre of a triangulated category

  • H. KrauseYu Ye
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2011
Abstract We discuss some basic properties of the graded centre of a triangulated category and compute examples arising in representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras.

Derived categories and their applications

In this notes we start with the basic definitions of derived cate- gories, derived functors, tilting complexes and stable equivalences of Morita type. Our aim is to show via several examples that

From triangulated categories to Lie algebras: A theorem of Peng and Xiao

We present a simplified and more intuitive proof of a theorem of Peng and Xiao, which constructs a Lie algebra from any 2-periodic triangulated k-category (satisfying some finiteness assumptions).

Spherical Subcategories

To an arbitrary object of a triangulated category with twodimensional graded endomorphism algebra, we canonically associate a triangulated subcategory, in which the object becomes spherical. We study

Homotopy cartesian diagrams in $n$-angulated categories

It has been proved by Bergh and Thaule that the higher mapping cone axiom is equivalent to the higher octahedral axiom for n-angulated categories. In this note, we use homotopy cartesian diagrams to


JULIA E. BERGNERAbstract. In this paper we extend To¨en’s derived Hall algebra construction,in which he obtains unital associative algebras from certain stable model cat-egories, to one in which such

Spherical subcategories in algebraic geometry

We study objects in triangulated categories which have a two‐dimensional graded endomorphism algebra. Given such an object, we show that there is a unique maximal triangulated subcategory, in which

How to categorify the ring of integers localized at two

We construct a triangulated monoidal Karoubi closed category with the Grothendieck ring, naturally isomorphic to the ring of integers localized at two.

Composition of Roofs in Derived Category

In that paper, we prove that the composition of two roofs is another roof by using mapping cone of a morphism of cochain complexes.

The Ungraded Derived Category

By means of the ungraded derived category we prove that the orbit category of the bounded derived category of an iterated tilted algebra with respect to translation is triangulated in such a way that



Methods of Homological Algebra

Considering homological algebra, this text is based on the systematic use of the language and ideas of derived categories and derived functors. Relations with standard cohomology theory are

Deriving DG categories

— We investigate the (unbounded) derived category of a differential Z-graded category (=DG category). As a first application, we deduce a "triangulated analogue" (4.3) of a theorem of Freyd's [5],


We show that the idempotent completion of a triangulated category has a natural structure of a triangulated category. The idempotent completion of the bounded derived category of an exact category

Homotopy limits in triangulated categories

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Resolutions of unbounded complexes

Various types of resolutions of unbounded complexes of sheaves are constructed, with properties analogous to injectivity, flatness, flabbiness, etc. They are used to remove some boundedness

Categories and Sheaves

The Language of Categories.- Limits.- Filtrant Limits.- Tensor Categories.- Generators and Representability.- Indization of Categories.- Localization.- Additive and Abelian Categories.- ?-accessible

The loop-space functor in homological algebra

This note constitutes a sequel to [AC], the terminology and notation of which are used throughout. Its purpose is to contribute some technical devices, viz. the notion of an ideal, and that of the

The connection between the K-theory localization theorem of Thomason, Trobaugh and Yao and the smashing subcategories of Bousfield and Ravenel

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