Derived and Stable Equivalence Classification of Twisted Multifold Extensions of Piecewise Hereditary Algebras of Tree Type

  title={Derived and Stable Equivalence Classification of Twisted Multifold Extensions of Piecewise Hereditary Algebras of Tree Type},
  author={Hideto Asashiba},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
  • H. Asashiba
  • Published 15 March 2002
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Algebra
Invariance of selfinjective algebras of quasitilted type under stable equivalences
We prove that the class of finite dimensional selfinjective algebras over a field which admit Galois coverings by the repetitive algebras of the quasitilted algebras, with Galois groups generated by
Gluing of derived equivalences of dg categories
A diagram consisting of differential graded (dg for short) categories and dg functors is formutated as a colax functor X from a small category I to the 2category k-dgCat of dg categories, dg functors
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Throughout this article, we fix a group G and a commutative ring $$\Bbbk $$ . This is an exposition on 2-equivalences between a 2-category of small $$\Bbbk $$ -categories with pseudo G-actions
Smash products of group weighted bound quivers and Brauer graphs
Abstract Let be a field, G a group, and (Q, I) a bound quiver. A map is called a G-weight on Q, which defines a G-graded -category , and W is called homogeneous if I is a homogeneous ideal of the
On isomorphisms of generalized multifold extensions of algebras without nonzero oriented cycles
Abstract Assume that a basic algebra A over an algebraically closed field with a basic set A 0 of primitive idempotents has the property that for all Let n be a nonzero integer, and and two
Derived equivalence classification of generalized multifold extensions of piecewise hereditary algebras of tree type
We give a derived equivalence classification of algebras of the form \(\hat{A}/\ang{\ph}\) for some piecewise hereditary algebra \(A\) of tree type and some automorphism \(\ph\) of \(\hat{A}\) such
Derived Equivalences of Actions of a Category
This work investigates derived equivalences of those oplax functors, and establishes a Morita type theorem for them, which gives a base of investigations of derived equivalence of Grothendieck constructions of those Oplaxfunctors.
Gluing derived equivalences together


Trivial Extensions of Tilted Algebras
The Derived Equivalence Classification of Representation-Finite Selfinjective Algebras
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Abstract. A finite dimensional K-algebra $\it\Lambda $ is called selfinjective of tilted type if $\it\Lambda $ is a quotient $\widehat {B}/(\varphi \nu _{\hat {B}})$, where $\widehat {B}$ is the
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— We investigate the (unbounded) derived category of a differential Z-graded category (=DG category). As a first application, we deduce a "triangulated analogue" (4.3) of a theorem of Freyd's [5],
Representations of Finite-Dimensional Algebras
1. Matrix Problems.- 2. Algebras, Modules and Categories.- 3. Radical, Decomposition, Aggregates.- 4. Finitely Spaced Modules.- 5. Finitely Represented Posets.- 6. Roots.- 7. Representations of
Isométrie parfaites , types de blocs , catégories dérivées
  • Astérisque
  • 1990
Isométrie parfaites, types de blocs, catégories dérivées, Astérisque
  • 1990