Derivative-free optimization of a rapid-cycling synchrotron

  title={Derivative-free optimization of a rapid-cycling synchrotron},
  author={Jeffrey Eldred and Jeffrey Larson and Misha Padidar and Eric C. Stern and Stefan M. Wild},
  journal={Optimization and Engineering},
We develop and solve a constrained optimization model to identify an integrable optics rapid-cycling synchrotron lattice design that performs well in several capacities. Our model encodes the design criteria into 78 linear and nonlinear constraints, as well as a single nonsmooth objective, where the objective and some constraints are defined from the output of Synergia, an accelerator simulator. We detail the difficulties of the 23-dimensional simulation-constrained decision space and establish… 

Structure-Aware Methods for Expensive Derivative-Free Nonsmooth Composite Optimization

New methods for solving a broad class of bound-constrained nonsmooth composite minimization problems and accompanying implementations of these methods are provided, including a novel manifold sampling algorithm with subproblems that are in a sense primal versions of the dual problems solved by previous manifold sampling methods.

Constrained blackbox optimization with the NOMAD solver on the COCO constrained test suite

The mesh adaptive direct search (MADS) derivative-free optimization algorithm using the progressive barrier strategy to handle quantifiable and relaxable constraints is described and tested on the new bbob-constrained suite of analytical constrained problems from the COCO platform, and compared with the CMA-ES heuristic.

Modeling Approaches for Addressing Simple Unrelaxable Constraints with Unconstrained Optimization Methods

An algorithm is developed that exploits the structure of the sigmoidal warping to guarantee that unconstrained optimization algorithms applied to the merit function will be a stationary point to the desired tolerance.



Multiobjective optimization of dynamic aperture

Dynamic aperture (DA) is one of the key nonlinear properties for a storage ring. Although there have been both analytical and numerical methods to find the aperture, the reverse problem of how to

Bayesian Optimization of a Free-Electron Laser.

A Bayesian approach to maximizing x-ray laser pulse energy by controlling groups of quadrupole magnets and a Gaussian process model provides probabilistic predictions for the machine response with respect to control parameters, enabling a balance of exploration and exploitation in the search for the global optimum.

Space-Charge Simulation of Integrable Rapid Cycling Synchrotron

Integrable optics is an innovation in particle accelerator design that enables strong nonlinear focusing without generating parametric resonances. We use the Synergia tracking code to investigate the

Multiobjective Bayesian optimization for online accelerator tuning

A multi-objective Bayesian optimization scheme is introduced, which finds the full Pareto front of an accelerator optimization problem efficiently in a serialized manner and is thus a critical step towards practical online multi- objective optimization in accelerators.

Photoinjector optimization using a derivative-free, model-based trust-region algorithm for the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator

Model-based, derivative-free, trust-region algorithms are increasingly popular for optimizing computationally expensive numerical simulations. A strength of such methods is their efficient use of

Derivative-free optimization methods

This work overviews the primary setting of deterministic methods applied to unconstrained, non-convex optimization problems where the objective function is defined by a deterministic black-box oracle, and discusses developments in randomized methods, methods that assume some additional structure about the objective and methods for handling different types of constraints.

Machine learning for orders of magnitude speedup in multiobjective optimization of particle accelerator systems

An approach based on machine learning is introduced to create nonlinear, fast-executing surrogate models that are informed by a sparse sampling of the physics simulation that can be reliably used with multi-objective optimization to obtain orders-of-magnitude speedup in initial design studies and experiment planning.

A Direct Search Optimization Method That Models the Objective and Constraint Functions by Linear Interpolation

An iterative algorithm for nonlinearly constrained optimization calculations when there are no derivatives, where a new vector of variables is calculated, which may replace one of the current vertices, either to improve the shape of the simplex or because it is the best vector that has been found so far.

Averaged invariants in storage rings with synchrotron motion

In an ideal accelerator, the single-particle dynamics can be decoupled into transverse motion—the betatron oscillations— and longitudinal motion—the synchrotron oscillations. Chromatic and dispersive

Introduction to Nonsmooth Optimization: Theory, Practice and Software

This book is the first easy-to-read text on nonsmooth optimization (NSO, not necessarily dierentiable optimization) and provides an overview of dierent problems arising in the eld.