Derivation and validation of a prognostic model for workers disabled by depression

  title={Derivation and validation of a prognostic model for workers disabled by depression},
  author={Nigar Sekercioglu and Shaun Shaikh and Gordon H. Guyatt and Jason Walter Busse},
  journal={Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine},
1 Nigar Sekercioglu1, Shaun Shaikh2, Gordon H. Guyatt3, Jason W. Busse1,4,5 1Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, McMaster University, 2Department of Economics, McMaster University, 3Department of Medicine, McMaster University, 4Department of Anesthesia, McMaster University, 5The Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. PROGNOSTIC MODEL FOR WORKERS DISABLED BY DEPRESSION DERIVATION AND VALIDATION OF A… 

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Prognostic Factors of Long Term Disability Due to Mental Disorders: A Systematic Review

A systematic review of scientific evidence about prognostic factors for mental health related long term disability, RTW and symptom recovery finds strong evidence that older age (>50 years) is associated with continuing disability and longer time to RTW.

Psychopathology and the development of disability

  • A. KouzisW. Eaton
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology
  • 2004
The relative, odds for developing a disability were greater for either type of psychiatric disorder or high distress than for those with any prior physical illness or those with a prior disability day.

Psychopathology and the initiation of disability payments.

Differences in social class influenced the initiation of disability payments, however, having a mental or addictive disorder was a more significant predictor, strongly increasing the risk of receiving payments.

Further Development of Flexible Parametric Models for Survival Analysis

A new command is introduced, stpm2, that extends the methodology of Royston and Parmar's flexible parametric survival models and enables simple quantification of differences between any two covariate patterns through calculation of time-dependent hazard ratios, hazard differences, and survival differences.

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Internal validation demonstrated that overall the Royston-Parmar family of survival functions provided a better fit than the Cox proportional hazards model and researchers involved in prognosticating patient survival are encouraged to consider the RoySTON-Parar model as an alternative to Cox.

Association of Psychotherapy with Disability Benefit Claim Closure among Patients Disabled Due to Depression

It is found, paradoxically, that receipt of psychotherapy was independently associated with longer time to STD claim closure and faster LTD claim closure in patients with depression.

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Objectives To predict treatment effects for individual patients based on data from randomised trials, taking rosuvastatin treatment in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease as an example,

Common prognostic factors of work disability among employees with a chronic somatic disease: a systematic review of cohort studies.

As many prognostic factors for work disability are similar for employees with various chronic diseases, it is possible to detect high risk groups and support the development and implementation of a general disability management intervention for employees suffering from a chronic disease to overcome health-related limitations at work.