Derek Freeman and Samoa: The Making and Unmaking of a Biobehavioral Myth

  title={Derek Freeman and Samoa: The Making and Unmaking of a Biobehavioral Myth},
  author={A. Isenmila Patience and Joseph Wayne Smith},
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acterize humans. This is a prediction, not an assertion, and with regard to the avunculate, the prediction has cross-cultural support (Gaulin and Schlagel 1980; Flinn 1981). An additional minor point made in Sharp’s reply is that the term Darwinian as I have used it should be substituted with the term sociobiological. There are two reasons why I prefer the former term. First, some of my work in anthropology is Darwinian, but does not directly deal with social behavior. Therefore, strictly… 

the wizard from Oz meets the wicked witch of the East: Freeman, Mead, and ethnographic authority

In recent years considerable attention has been paid to various anthropological writing styles, to the ways anthropologists construct their written accounts (texts), and to the bases of ethnographic

Was Mead wrong about coming of age in Samoa? An analysis of the Mead/Freeman controversy for scholars of adolescence and human development

  • J. Côté
  • Philosophy
    Journal of youth and adolescence
  • 1992
Mead's pioneering study, which was the first to argue that adolescent “storm and stress” is not universal, continues to stand the test of time.

Elements of a psychology of human diversity

Despite new movements in psychology that are supportive of human diversity, there is no general framework for relating significant social-psychological markers like gender, race, age, sexual

Howling Pixel Coming of Age in Samoa Coming of Age in Samoa is a book

  • Sociology
  • 2018
First published in 1928, the book launched Mead as a pioneering researcher and as the most famous anthropologist in the world. Since its first publication, Coming of Age in Samoa was the most widely



Ethnographic Determinism: Samoa and the Margaret Mead Controversy

intrinsic value in that. But the image of Freeman feeding an intellectual granary still leaves the story short. Freeman's approach to criticizing Mead has been less domestic than military. His call

A Treatise of Human Nature

PART 1: INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL. How to Use this Book. List of Abbreviations. Editor's Introduction. Hume's Early years and Education. A Treatise of Human Nature. Book 1: Of the Understanding. Book 1

The Logic of Scientific Discovery

Sex Hormones and Behavior in Animals and Man

  • W. Velle
  • Medicine
    Tidsskrift for den Norske laegeforening : tidsskrift for praktisk medicin, ny raekke
  • 1980

Growing Up in New Guinea. Har-1977 Letters From the Field

  • ComingofAge in Samoa. Harmondmondsworth
  • 1970