Deregulation of HDAC1 by p25/Cdk5 in Neurotoxicity

  title={Deregulation of HDAC1 by p25/Cdk5 in Neurotoxicity},
  author={Dohoon Kim and Christopher L. Frank and Matthew M. Dobbin and Rachel K. Tsunemoto and Weihong Tu and Peter Hsien Li Peng and Ji-Song Guan and Byung-hoon Lee and Lily Y. Moy and Paola Giusti and Nisha Broodie and Ralph Mazitschek and Ivanna Delalle and Stephen J. Haggarty and Rachael Lee Neve and Youming Lu and Li-Huei Tsai},
Aberrant cell-cycle activity and DNA damage are emerging as important pathological components in various neurodegenerative conditions. However, their underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here, we show that deregulation of histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) activity by p25/Cdk5 induces aberrant cell-cycle activity and double-strand DNA breaks leading to… CONTINUE READING