Derandomizing Arthur–Merlin Games using Hitting Sets

  title={Derandomizing Arthur–Merlin Games using Hitting Sets},
  author={Peter Bro Miltersen and N. V. Vinodchandran},
  journal={computational complexity},
We prove that AM (and hence Graph Nonisomorphism) is in NP if for some ε > 0, some language in NE ∩ coNE requires nondeterministic circuits of size 2ε n This improves results of Arvind and Köbler and of Klivans and van Melkebeek who proved the same conclusion, but under stronger hardness assumptions. The previous results on derandomizing AM were based on pseudorandom generators. In contrast, our approach is based on a strengthening of Andreev, Clementi and Rolim’s hitting set approach to… CONTINUE READING


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