Der experimentelle Nachweis der Richtungsquantelung im Magnetfeld

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Engineered potentials in ultracold Bose-Einstein condensates
Title of dissertation: ENGINEERED POTENTIALS IN ULTRACOLD BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATES Daniel Lawrence Campbell, Doctor of Philosophy, 2015 Dissertation directed by: Dr. Ian Spielman University ofExpand
Érvek a kvantumfizika Everett-féle sokvilág-interpretációja mellett
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  • 2020
Quantum physics turned out to be very successful in describing microscopic systems. The essence of this is that the system is described by a state function (wave function) and the physical quantityExpand
Structures of Electron, Neutron, and Proton and the Unification of Fundamental Forces
While the Standard Model of physics is largely successful in explaining a wide variety of experimental results, it leaves some phenomena unexplained and falls short of being a complete theory ofExpand
Characterization and Optimization of Saturation Transfer NMR with Exchanging Xenon in Different Host-Guest Systems
Molecular imaging modalities that aim for early detection of small biochemical changes in combination with spatial information would revolutionize our currently existing medical diagnostic andExpand
Less is more : on the Theory and Application of Weak and Unsharp Measurements in Quantum Mechanics
To my parents and my daughter Merle
Quantum theory does not need postulates
It is shown that the quantum theoretical description of statistical data resulting from experiments with a finite number of different outcomes emerges by organizing the data such that theExpand
Consistent quantum measurements
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The g-factor of the valence electron bound in lithiumlike silicon 28Si11+: The most stringent test of relativistic many-electron calculations in a magnetic field
Within this thesis the g-factor of the valence electron bound in lithiumlike silicon 28Si11+ has been measured with a relative precision of δg/g = 1.1x10−9. The determination of the g-factor isExpand
Direct observation of a single proton in a Penning trap. Towards a direct measurement of the proton g-factor
Experiments are performed on a single proton stored in a Penning trap aiming at the determination of the g-factor. The eigenmotion of an isolated, free proton could be detected electronically viaExpand