Der Bandapparat der Milz und seine Bedeutung bei chirurgischen Eingriffen

  title={Der Bandapparat der Milz und seine Bedeutung bei chirurgischen Eingriffen},
  author={Peter A. W. Ostermann and Hans Wilhelm Schreiber and Werner Lierse},
  journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"u}r Chirurgie},
SummaryThe anatomy of the splenic ligaments was examined in twenty cadavers. Histologic sections were taken from ten. In one of these twenty cases the entire ligamentous structure was studied by serial sections using a polarizing light microscope. There are four principal ligaments of the spleen: the gastrosplenic ligament, the colicosplenic ligament, the phrenocolic ligament and the phrenosplenic (splenorenal) ligament. There are two portions to the gastrosplenic ligament. In the upper portion… 
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